I remember absolutely hating every day I had to be here. It had nothing to do with being a waitress; I actually really enjoyed serving in general. But this place was completely fucked. It’s a Japanese steakhouse and sushi bar, yes. And you’d think, ‘Oh! Japan. Cool.’ Nope. This place was 2/3 owned by a Korean couple who made sure to steal as much money as possible from its American employees. In one morning shift, I could made over $100 in tips, but I’d never walk out with more than $25 because that damn wife would come up with every excuse in the book to give what I earned to her family friend. He was an asshole chef that earned $15 per hour. And even though I was only getting $2.65 an hour, he’d still get half my money. I still don’t know if that was even legal.

I know now that it was stupid on my part to continue working there for so long. But I was only 18, in college, and had little experience with anything legal. I stayed mainly to have something to do with my life. I hated school, and at the time my living situation was slightly cramped. So, I went there mostly to see the friends I worked with. After a few months I managed to find another restaurant and promptly got the hell out of this dump. I should have called the health department on top of it all, but they wouldn’t have believed me. I’m sure all my customers would have liked to know that their lettuce was stored in a rolling garbage bin full of water, though. I made sure not to eat that food while I worked, but free is free, unfortunately.

It’s been 4 years and I hate the fact that this place is still in business and serving food to humans. Actually, I wouldn’t dare let my cat eat here. I’m thoroughly ashamed to have this restaurant listed in my work history. But all I can do now is shudder and try to forget.

P.S. Don’t eat here.


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